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  • Circuit devices and methods having adjustable transistor body bias 8,995,204
  • Circuits and devices for generating bi-directional body bias voltages, and methods, therefor 8,970,298
  • Body Bias Circuits and Methods 8,816,754
  • Integrated Circuits Devices and Methods 8,811,068
  • Inhibiting of a Co-Issuing Instruction in a Processor Having Different Pipeline Lengths, 7,269,714
  • Limiting Performance in an Integrated Circuit to Meet Export Restrictions, 7,100,064
  • Fast and wide multiplexing circuits, 6,995,600
  • Method and apparatus to correct leading one prediction, 6,988,115
  • Comparing operands of instructions against a replay scoreboard to detect an instruction replay and copying a replay scoreboard to an issue scoreboard, 6,976,152
  • Higher precision divide and square root approximations 6,941,334
  • Method and apparatus to conditionally precharge a partitioned read-only memory with shared wordlines for low power operation, 6,430,099 6,538,943 and 6,671,216
  • Method and Apparatus to Stall OTB Domino Pipelines, 6,271,684

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